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Sione Faumuina

Founder of Athlete Empire

Former professional rugby league player Sione Faumuina had it all...and lost it all.


Almost 10 years as a professional athlete and $1.5 million in career earnings Sione finished with nothing. The lack of support and direction for Sione during his career lead to the formation of Athlete Empire.


After the launch of his auto-biography The Second Phase Sione began mentoring current professional athletes on brand building, business and transition.


Now, Athlete Empire is a full service athlete development company providing bespoke services to athletes wanting to build their empire outside of their sporting careers.



Developing an athletes brand is so important in today's digital world and helping them navigate life after sport is a passion and the purpose behind what we do.


Stacey Fluhler

Current professional rugby sevens player for New Zealand Stacey Fluhler nee Waaka, she is also a TV presenter for Te Ao Toa sports show on Maori TV, author, speaker and is about to launch her first online coaching programme helping career driven females find work life balance. 

Jordan Kahu

Professional Athlete, business owner and social media influencer Jordan Kahu is a marketers dream. With over 100k followers across several platforms, Jordan is able to leverage his sports profile to achieve amazing ROIs for his business and clients who choose to partner with him.

Nehe Milner-Skudder

Rugby World Cup winner and professional rugby player Nehe Milner-Skudder is on a mission to inspire and empower the next generation of professional athletes. His story is captivating and engaging which is why Nehe is about to launch his first online course helping people to become more resilient and achieve their goals. 


For professional and elite athletes wanting to build and leverage their brand to generate revenue outside their sport's contracts. 


Professional athletes have one of the highest engagement rates on social media. Partnering with the right brand achieves ROI's for everyone. 


Wrap around service for athletes which includes contract negotiations, career transition, digital marketing and business.

Meet The Team

10 years as a professional rugby league player, I've experienced first hand some of the challenges professional athletes face.


Having built a 6-figure personal brand business I wanted to teach athletes the same principles I've used. More than just a player management company, we're bringing a whole new service to this space.

Sione Faumuina

Founder and Managing Director

As a former professional rugby player turned personal trainer and ambitious coach, I channel my love of all things rugby into a world-class coaching clinic and business, Rugby Bricks.

Partnering with Athlete Empire allowed us to provide a full wrap around service to aspiring rugby players who are part of the Rugby Bricks family. 

Peter Breen

Partner and Founder @ Rugby Bricks

I help companies and people from around the world expand their business by creating, growing and exploring their market with data and creativity while driving up ROI.


Partnering with Athlete Empire combines my passion for rugby with entrepreneurship and assisting athletes in monetising their personal brand.

Kale Panoho

Partner & Head of Digital and Business strategy

With over 13 years experience working for global and national sports brand, I'm excited to bring my experience and skill set to assist athletes in sourcing the best possible endorsement and partnership.

Zara Fa’avae-Mika

Brand Partnership Manager

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12 months from the on-boarding session for our athlete brand programme and the length of your playing contract for agency work.


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